Spiders are Wonderful

2 Spider Identification questions, and to see if you guys will teach my how to fish.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. It's summer here in the states, and prime spider weather :) I can't freaking stand the heat, but being able to photograph my favorite thing in the world makes it a little more tolerable.

I have 4 pictures here of 2 different spiders to see if you guys will help me identify them.

But first, so I don't show up here every couple weeks, I was wondering if anyone here had any good suggestions for spider identifying books (preferably for Wisconsin and/or the midwest). I know I can come here every time I see a spider, but you guys know the old saying (If you give a man a fish...), so if I had my own source...then I will have successfully learned 'how to fish' when it comes to spider identifying!

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I have a ton more pictures, but these 2 spiders were the ones I was the most curious about.

Thanks in advance for your book suggestions, as well as any information you may have regarding these guys.
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Spiders are Wonderful

Spiders are Wonderful

Perhaps you guys have seen this floating around the Facebook/Twitterverse, but if you haven't, I figured I would share it with the people who can appreciate it.

Spiders are Wonderful

I made my icon from one of the pictures, and you guys are more than welcome to steal it.

Hope you like this, and I hope this is Spider community approved! :)
in the dark

Because I know you all LOVE Jumping Spiders

This little one was found living in the cap of my tiki torch!

It is not a safe place to live so we convinced it to move elsewhere.

SO CUTE - I just love jumping spiders - but I have not found a good resource for IDing them.

My favorite of the set.

Who called for a brush and floss?

I don't like being watched while I work...

I shake my hair back and forth I shake my hair back and forth...  It was literally shaking like a dog.

The eye of the Tiki.

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Four spiders, five photos.

Hey everyone, I have 4 pictures here. I can't identify any of these spiders, so if you can, that would be amazing....otherwise, wnjoy!

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I have pictures of my tarantulas, too, if anyone is interested. Leave a comment and I'll post them if you guys seem interested enough.
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I am new to this community and need some help with spider classification...

 Hi everyone.  I just joined this group today.  I did because I have a spider right outside my condo who has made a large web between the pillars outside my door.   I am very happy that the spider has been there several days without a neighbor knocking it down.   I love spiders and hate when people's gut reaction is to step on them.  I've had people ask me to step on spiders and laugh when I refuse....but I always try to usher the spiders away from harm in that case and my boyfriend is afraid of them so I have to get a bowl and get the spider out of the house if one is in there.

I had at one time, black widows living in my old apartment's heater, which I moved once they got big and were throwing webs across our hallway.  I was afraid I'd walk through it and not see the spider, like at night, and she would bite me.   I find them very beautiful and really non-threatening because they don't want to bother with humans and if you don't pick them up and leave them alone, they are happy.  Much like myself!

Anyway, I need help classifying a spider.  I live in San Diego, CA.  I think it is an Argiope but I am not sure, since it doesn't have a typical Argiope web (with decorations) like I see online.  Anyone help me here? Its back has an almost snake head like design.  I really wanted to capture it before it moves or someone is a jerk in my complex and hurts it. 

I was trying to get the web, but my camera isn't the best, it's overcast and the wind keeps moving the web and the spider around.   My entryway to my condo is pretty small, so I don't want to break the spider's web, so this was the best and closest I could do: